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Spray 4 Arm Strong Sport 4ARMSP 4 Arm Strong Handgelenkstutze-Helmunterziehhaube

Spray 4 Arm Strong Sport



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Ionic mineral solution infused with our proprietary blend of magnesium oil, arnica, essential oils and sodium bicarbonate:

1. Reduce Lactic Acid Build Up

2. Reduce Cramping

3. Reduce Stiffness

4. Reduce Pain

4Arm Strong Sport Spray is a positively charged ionic mineral solution  This transdermal solution absorbs directly into the muscles through the skin, resulting in reduced muscle stiffness, cramping, lactic acid build-up and pain.

Proven to be an effective complement to the 4Arm Strong device, the Sport Spray also increases muscle endurance and C02, which aids in oxygenation.

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