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Jersey Underwear Corporate Acerbis 1841 Acerbis Motocross Kombi

Jersey Underwear Corporate Acerbis



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DRYARN® polypropylene long underwear, the lightest material in nature. To give an idea of ​​the lightness of the RYARN® yarn, 10 km of this yarn weighs only 1 gram. This material as well as being so light, has the ability to not absorb water while remaining dry, to expel sweat 167 times higher than cotton, to better isolate than wool. In this way the DRYARN® fabric guarantees a feeling of comfort on the skin, maintaining an effective body temperature, defending the user from both heat and cold.

The shirt and trousers remain close to the body and are made of stretch fabrics with 5 multi-weft designs to highlight the anatomical areas of the rider's body. The long cut suit presents the ACERBIS customization on the front and is suitable for all seasons

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