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BIB Mousse Michelin Rear 18" M14 (new compund) 057337 Michelin Schläuche I Mousse

BIB Mousse Michelin Rear 18" M14 (new compund)


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154,40 € 193,00 € -20%


Exclusively designed for off-road use

New compound

Improved handling

Increased durability

Specially for 140/80-18 MICHELIN Enduro Medium and 120/90-18 MICHELIN Starcross 5

Package includes: Bib Mousse gel, Info brochure, decals for mounting date, 2 MICHELIN decals NOTE: It is not recommended to mount the new Bib Mousse into other tires (AC10, S12XC, Enduro Competition). For those tires it is recommended to use the previous Bib Mousse M14 (as long as it is available) or reinforced tubes or UHD tubes. The installation requires one pack of Bib Mousse mounting gel per Bib Mousse.

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