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Software Maya GET GET

Software Maya GET

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MAYA is the software that allows the full configuration of GET ECUs. With this software, you can change any ECU parameter in real time and display all the values gaining total control over the working phases. Maya also allows the self-mapping that drastically reduces working time, saving engine life and making your job easier. Two versions of this software are available: EVO, as an entry level step, and ADVANCED as top level license.

MAYA ADVANCED programming pack includes the Software, the ECU/PC connection cable plus a USB dongle. It allows changing the injection timing, the ignition, the injection phases, the throttle derivative, the RPM limiter and many other functions. Unlike the EVO license, the ADVANCED one allows displaying all GET preset values in plain. With Maya Advanced license you can also manage the 10 levels of GPA assistance and set up your own map configuration. Users will be able to pass from EVO to ADVANCED license with a specific USB Key provided by GET

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