Get Wifi-COM 936 GET Zündung
Get Wifi-COM 936 GET Zündung
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Get Wifi-COM 936 GET Zündung
Get Wifi-COM 936 GET Zündung

Get Wifi-COM

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Smart and easy to use

• Works on all GET ECUs

• Diagnostic & Engine management



GET is the first and only Company in the Off-Road industry to provide riders with a smart device to modify the main engine parameters of their machines. Connect via WiFi your Smartphone or Tablet to the WiFiCOM and adjust parameters in a safe way, thanks to the free WiGET App available for iOS and Android. At any time, it will be possible to restore the GET FACTORY map. WiGET App is available for iOS and Android operating systems. The WiFiCOM device is already included in all RX1/GP1- POWER and RX1/GP1-EVO 2014-15-16-17 applications, but can also be connected to previous models (2009-2013 GP1 ECUs; Update Firmware needed).


WiFiCOM is a tuning tool developed in close partnership with Honda for CRF machines. It allows you to work on both CRF 250 and 450’s stock ECUs, starting from 2013 models on, by using your Smartphone and/or Tablet. This high tech device comes with Plug&Play connectors to be plugged straight on the standard diagnostic/fuel pump connection and allows to safely modify fuel and ignition parameters of your CRF factory maps. WiFiCOM gives you the possibility to modify the overall map as well as specific break points (RPM: 12; TPS: 18).

Smart and easy to use

• Works on CRF’s stock ECU

• Official Honda layout

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