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Resolvwear Fragr Active 1 Lt



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ResolvWear Fragrance Active is a specific technical detergent for technical sportswear that removes odours and leaves a pleasant fragrance on garments keeping them soft and protected, with colour-saver. ResolvWear washes, regenerates and sanitises all types of technical sportswear and accessories in synthetic and natural fibres. Designed to be effective even at low temperatures (30°), ResolvWear removes unpleasant odours, leaving its particular fragrance that is long-lasting and has a deodorising effect. It does not require softener and respects and mainatins the original colours of technical garments (colour-saver). The head note of the Fragrance Active is dominated by an intense fresh and mentholated scent in which the characteristic fragrance of eucalyptus and Siberian pine prevail, giving the composition an energising tone that is full of vitality; then softer tones of flowers or mosses follow.

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