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LEATT Bike Shoes MTB 2.0 Flat for Trail Riding

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Leatt is proud to present the brand new MTB Shoes Line Up, developed and highly tested on all possible terrains. New Leatt Shoes are comfortables, ultra resistents, allowing a perfect grip and a trendy design with all details for every lover of Enduro, Downhill and Freeride disciplines. 2.0 Flat Shoes are designed with a special mix in RideGrip Foam for the best resistence to scrapings and lacerations. 2.0 Flat are set for Flat pedals and projected for maximum adeherence and stability thanks to WaffleGrip pattern. Thanks to the ultra-soft shank backing in-sole integrated, Leatt Shoes are ideals for impacts absorption, optimize the efficiency of the weight on the pedal, still granting flexibility’s and torsion’s control. 2.0 Flat Shoes have been developed for facing any climate condition thanks to mud draining canals for the best grip between shoe and pedal, and to the ventilated membrane capable of keeping always the feet dry and aired. For granting maximum comfort and safety, Leatt 2.0 Flat present internal anti-bacterial, smell and quick drying covering, plus reinforced strategic areas and stripes for a flawless fitting. 2.0 are in synthetic chamois skin with a casual design, for offering all pros of a high performances bike shoe.

1 Reviews

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