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EMIG PRO V2 Lock-ON GRIPS Navy/Light Blue

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After 5 years of success with the original EMIG V2 Lock-On Grip System, the collaboration between ODI and Jeff Emig has taken the feel of motocross grips to the next level. Countless hours of design along with multiple test sessions with top riders, to develop a grip built specifically around a Pro's needs that also provide maximum bike control to every level of rider. The New EMIG PRO Grip will be the choice of all motocross riders who want extra-soft compound for improved comfort, excellent controll and less hand fatigue. Designed by Jeff Emig, developed and manufactured in-house at ODI Grips in Riverside, CA.


Raised center JE logo pattern conforms to palms, improves padding & reduces vibration

Extra-soft, undercut independent ribs deliver lateral & rotational traction

Alloy reinforced end caps provide extra durability against grip blowout

ODI exclusive locking clutch-side collar attaches the grip providing 360° of Security

Simple Installation and Removal Without Waiting for Glue to Dry

Throttle Tube Included with Snap On Cam to match more models

No safety wire required means longer grip life, even in the event of a crash

Kit provides Cams for both 2 & 4-Stroke Applications

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