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Bio System Twin Air 3610-0019 Twin Air Luftfilteröle & Reinigung

Bio System Twin Air

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  • The System is the full filter care solution.
  • Kit comes with everything needed to clean Twin Air air filters in a sturdy storage box, complete with carrying handles.
  • Each includes a Twin Air cleaning tub, oiling tub, BIO Dirt Remover (1 liter), BIO Liquid Power Filter Oil (1 liter), contact cleaner and rubber gloves.
  • Cleaning tub is resealable and comes with a filter tray that allows dirt to sink to the bottom, away from filters.
  • Oiling tub allows filters to be submerged for easy, even oiling.
  • When not in use, the oiling tub is resealable, enabling users to save unused filter oil.
1 Reviews

Prodotto imballato discretamente bene: la scatola esterna ha subito un piccolo sfondamento a causa delle lattine interne. Nessun danno comunque al materiale interno perchè sia il pluriball che la carta da imballaggi hanno svolto pienamente il loro lavoro. Prodotto consigliatissimo perchè ecologico e di ottima qualità
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