The fastest dirt bike in the world?

The VARG was developed with a clear purpose, to show that electric technology is superior to gasoline, surpassing all traditional motocross models available. It's more powerful, it's lightweight, and has significantly less engine inertia than any gasoline-powered motorcycle, giving you more handling and a better riding feel. It's probably the strongest adrenaline rush money can buy. It makes no noise, which means you can drive almost anywhere and anytime. Below are some of the many benefits the VARG offers over traditional gasoline motorcycles


New frame and engine concept

You will go faster and tire less

  •  The absence of the gearbox and the possibility of having the rear brake on the handlebar allow you to never take your feet off the footpegs. This, as every good motocross instructor teaches, allows you to have better control of the vehicle.
  • The absence of inertia guarantees a feeling of extreme lightness, agility and manageability
  • Parameters such as power delivery, flywheel effect, traction and engine brake are fully customizable via the smartphone supplied
  • Kayaba suspension by Technical Touch kit B and Brembo brakes complete the package


Revolutionary battery

You won't have to stop.

  • Set up with the hp of a modern 350 and used at a fast pace, the charge time is approximately 1.30h. In case of use as 250 with "amateur" pace, the duration increases exponentially up to several hours
  • The complete full recharge takes place in about 1.30h with the normal 220v home socket. If a column is used (imminent installation at Motocross Dorno), recharging takes place in a few minutes
  • The battery has a life of over 600 hours after which there will be a decline in performance



Maintenance costs never so low

  • Forget about frequent oil changes, filter washing and all the stressful and expensive maintenance required by traditional 2 or 4 stroke motorcycles.
  • Stark recommends only a simple oil change (800gr) every 80 hours.
  • You no longer have to depend on the price of fuel

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